Installed AWE Vent boost gauge

Mileage: 61,121
Date: 04/06/2008

Parts Involved: AWE Vent boost gauge

Work Done: My friends and myself installed the gauge in no time, thanks to them for all their help! I wont go into install details since the instructions that come with it a pretty clear on what to do.

I will say though to remember to plug back on both the light switch and dimmer switch. I forgot the dimmer switch and my CD player had no lighting. All other aspects worked fine just not backlit on the LCD or buttons. I later went back and plugged it back in.

The gauge itself is a perfect match to the interior and looks nature in the vent to the left of the wheel. Its slightly angled to the driver for better viability and I dont need to change my view angle to see it. The vent itself still work and I can turn it of and on, the only thing I cant do it direct where the air goes. This is not a problem for me since I hate it blowing on me anyways.

We did have one small problem during the install where the T fitting broke, luckily my friend had an extra lying around that we used. Other than this the kit is very high quality and well worth the money.

Time Spent: 01:45