Before purchasing the 2016 GTI SE I had a 2006 GLI and before that a 99.5 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro. The girlfriend also picked up 2018 Tiguan SE which im also going to include. This is a list of modifications I have made to the vehicles.

99.5 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro, Lake Silver Metallic

  • APR Software with switchable profiles via a physical button that was installed. stock,91,93,100. 55k
  • K04 Turbo – Replaced the K03 which I broke the wastegate valve on and was not holding boost K04/70k
  • GIAC performance chip – This chip was to support the changes the K04 brought to the car.  GIAC /70k
  • Neuspeed 5bar Fuel Pressure Regulator – Neuspeed just modified the stock 4Bar Fuel Pressure regulator/70k
  • APR R1 Diverter Valve – Before the R1 I also had a 710n and a knock off of the Forge 007. The knock off was junk and replaced it with the 710n a stock part at the dealer made for a different car. It had a stronger spring that the stock for the A4 so it worked well with the K04. fake007/55k 710n/65k APR R1/105k. I eventually gave this part to my friend who ran it on his Jetta for a long time.
  • Borla Cat back Exhaust – This exhaust had a great note to it and was completely stainless steel with 2.5″ pipe all the way to the cat. Borla/65k
  • H&R Sport Springs & Bilstein Sport Struts – This was a pretty stiff setup and although amazing handling was not the greatest for daily driving. 100k
  • I only purchased a few visually pleasing items for the car, I am more of a performance guy than looks. An M3 trunk lip and a RS4 grill for the front was it.

With all the work and how long I owned the car I was very sad to see it totaled. I know my friends and myself put a lot of work and time into it, but it gave me back so much more.

2006 VW GLI Package 2 Reflex Silver

  • I purchased the car used and it already had two modifications. Miltek turbo back exhaust and an APR carbonio intake. The exhaust was great and the intake did its job though im not a huge fan of carbon. Im sure it had some software on it before but it was gone by the time I got it. 58k
  • Installed AWE vent boost gauge, a wonderful flush design that looked natural. 61k
  • PCV valve replacement with block off plate. This engine was notorious for the PCV system failing so I used a third party billet plate instead of the cheap plastic valve. 63K
  • APR Software STG 2, is absolutely the best bang for your buck. 63k
  • Catch can install, this was an addon for the PCV block off plate 80k
  • Eibach Sport Srings, Koni FSD struts and Eibach rear sway bar installed. Wonderful suspension setup, though in hindsight it was too low for a daily driver. 91k

If I didn’t change jobs and end up with a commute that was 40 miles each way I probably would have kept the GLI longer. But I needed a reliable car for the mountain roads that I take going to work. The cost of repairs was exceeding a monthly payment for a new car so I had to let go of the GLI at 155k miles. It was traded in for the 2016 GTI SE.

2016 VW GTI SE, Performance Package and Lighting Package, Reflex Silver

I typically have always purchased slightly used cars, ones that are 2 years old to save significantly on them. But the MK7 platform just came out a year ago at the time and no used models were available. The MK6 platform was nice but the EA888 Gen3 engine in the MK7 was something else. It had amazing tuning potential, gobs of torque, and lots of little things fixed over previous generations. With the Performance Packages LSD, big brakes, and handy features like Apple Carplay I just couldn’t resist. Now I’m not much of a visual person, heck I purchased an MK5, but the MK7 looks a lot more aggressive than the MK6 while still not being a boy racer style like the Ford ST models. So I purchased my first brand new car.

Since this MK7 had a lot going for it already I told myself I wouldn’t go as crazy with the mods like my previous two cars. Unless something breaks or wears out I won’t be replacing it. Little cheaper things would be fine but no major upgrades. The exception will be software, because how can I resist all that untapped potential?

Update: Well I failed a bit, ended up doing a bunch of mods.

2018 Tiguan SEL /w Tech package, Tungsten Silver Metallic

This is actually the girlfriend’s car not mine. It’s surprisingly similar to my MK7 GTI being based on the same MQB chassis platform and a similar engine the EA888 Gen3B. The MK2 Tiguan was a big step up from the MK1 Tiguan. This was also the first new car she ever purchased and wanted something a bit different from the sedan she normally had. She wanted a smaller SUV and also liked my car so this was an obvious choice. Also having most of the tools and knowledge to work on the car from the start was a plus

1968 Volkswagen Beetle (Hodgepodge)

I did it! I finally got a project car. This 1968 Beetle was owned by a friend of mine who just didn’t have time for the project. I took it off his hands and plan to get it first and foremost daily driver-able and eventually cleaned up a bit. It will be mostly a stock cruiser weekend like car, nothing fancy or crazy. Going to be some work to get it there but it will be a fun journey fixing it up. Instead of mods for this car I am going to list what has been fixed or replaced. Its a 1968 chassis with a 1965 1300 engine and a 1964 transmission. Has adjustable bream and front disc kit with 2.5 drop spindles. Other than that its fairly stock and in pretty good condition. Just needs a lot of cosmetic work.

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