Hit a nasty pothole the other day

When coming back from an appointment I hit this horrible pothole with my passenger side front wheel. The pothole was about 4 inches deep and about 6 inches around. Since hitting the pole hole my car is out of alignment and I have a slight vibration. I did a quick look with the wheel still on and the control arms looked fine and so does the tie rods. I think all I will need is an adjustment to fix the alignment.

The wheel though I may of bent which is how I am explaining the vibration. When I got my new tires put on I was notified I had another wheel that was bent too but in the rear. If this is the case I guess its time for a new set of wheel and scrap the idea of springs for now.

Currently I am looking at 17″ Audi B7 RS4 reps if the two rims are bent. I have wanted the RS4 wheels for a long time now even when I owned my A4 but they don’t seem that easy to come by and the ones that are easy are expensive. The R8’s seem to be everywhere and style wise are very similar. We will see what happens.


Today I notice that I have a rather large bulge in my tire that you can see in the picture below. I have already ordered a new tire to replace it and am now even more sure I bent the wheel after seeing this. I have my friend who is a mechanic looking at it this weekend.


Another Update:

The new tire arrived the other day and the new RS4 reps should be arriving on Tuesday. If everything goes well I should be going down to Yarrowsport on Thurs to get the wheels and tires settled and hopefully an alignment, just in time for Waterfest. Pictures will come Thursday once I have everything installed.

The RS4 reps are 17″ 5×112 ET45 and the color is anthracite. It should change my stance a little. The wheels inner clearance will go out 3mm more and the outer position will be 15mm more. This is good because I always liked a wider stance and now do not have to get spacers to achieve it.