Installed Evoms Intake

I installed the Evoms intake yesterday to replace my Carbonio which I dont feel does much more than a K&N filter would. The best part about this intake is it removes the engine cover which I absolutly hate to take off and on due to its design.

The installation went mostly smoothly with the exception of the box that the cone filter sits in does not fit with my boost gauge tap. To get around this temporarily added a longer tube and looped it around. Eventually I would like to just get and angle joint to clean it up better.

The noise itself was not something I was expecting, its a lot louder and I can hear much more. The turbo itself sound is amazing but I also hear the air rushing through the system even at negative pressure in the boost system. This makes it rather annoying to me. This may be caused due to a diverter valve no holding boost like it should. But that is a seperate issue I am working on.