Plans for this week

Im working a later shift at work this week. Because of this I have time during the morning to get a few things done. Here is the list I have so far.

1. Bring car in to get boost leak looked at

2. Get Cali license

3. Get started on Cali plates for car

I have had a boost leak for months now. I have tried a few things to find it like replacing the diverter valve and visually going through any vac tubes on top of the engine. So this morning I made an appointment with HOD in San Jose to get it resolved. I need to find a nice tuning shop in the area, two were recommended so its time to try both out and see which I like better.

Mid this week the girlfriend and I will get out drivers licenses here in Cali sorted out. Its funny that we will have to take a written test to get them. If its anything like the one on the DMV website it will be a breeze but we will see.

Lastly is plates, this one im thinking will be the hardest due to modification, insurance, licence and getting time to make sure it gets done right. I need these two other issues resolved first so there is a good chance it will get pushed.


Shop was not able to find the leak after a smoke test. This means it may be a faulty sensor or my PCV system is shot again. New boost gauge got ordered to help me troubleshoot this. I will take a look at it and hookup the vagcom and see what my specified and actual values are for boost. This will let me see if its just escaping (PCV) or its being change by the ecu because of readings (sensor).

If it does end up being the PCV I think I will just go with the BSH fix that removes it all together. It will be cheaper in the end instead of buying a new front and rear only to break again.