Guide: How to take off the 2.0T FSI engine cover

Its not that obvious how to take off the engine cover and most dont know how much force is actually needed to free the cover from the four rubber grommets it sits on.

T-25 torq

1. Undo the rear intake hose from the cover. There are two metal clips where the blue circle is, one in the front and the other in the rear of it.
2. Remove the MAF and tuck it to the side. It is circled in yellow. Now there are two ways to remove this, you can either undo the clips or remove the two torq screws. Plastic clips break sometimes so I always remove the torq screws. Use a T-25 to remove the screws if you go that route.

3. Remove the front part of the intake from the engine cover. Mine is an aftermarket one so yours will most likely look different. You will need to use the T-25 torq to remove two screws about where the red circle is.

4. Here is the part most people dont go past. The cover is held on by four rubber grommets underneath. These grommets when not lubed can be extremely hard to break free. Most dont put enough pressure into freeing the cover from them. Grab the engine cover on the left and right sides where the green circles are and rock it back and forth until all grommets are free from the posts. You can crack the engine cover causing the intake not to work correctly. This is why it is important to grab in the correct areas and rock the cover free not just pull.

5. Lube those grommets now! This will make it significantly easier to remove the next time. I just use some engine oil or what ever I have lying around. Reverse the process to put it back on.