Modification: Direct Acceleration tweak

Miles: 51783

Heard about this tweak on the forum here. Its supposed to help increase the responsiveness of acceleration. Meaning the car reacting quicker to your throttle actions. Here is how to do it with VCDS.

  1. Select 44 Steering Assist
  2. Select Security Access
    1. Enter the code 19249 and click OK
  3. Select Adaptation
  4. Click the top dropdown and select Driving Profile Switchover
  5. Click the next dropdown and select Direct Controlled Over

This did exactly what it was supposed to which was decrease lag between the throttle pedal and what the car does. Its not a night a day different but does make a difference.

Update: Been running this a few weeks now and I gotta say I really like this change. Throttle feels more lively and definitely enhances the experience.