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Car battery replaced

Miles: 86687

After installing the dashcam the OEM battery has not been cutting it when left for a few days unused. This could be due to battery age or the dashcam exceeding the capacity of the OEM battery. This battery which is common among many VW models during this period has a mixed track record of dying early or living a good life. Mine was in the middle at a little over 3 years old.

I am replacing the 5K0-915-105-D Enertec 12v 60Ah 480A battery that came with the car with a Duracell SLI47AGM 12v 60Ah 690A battery that will hopefully work a bit better for me.

Along with the normal safe battery replacement procedure, you may require coding for the MQB platform, especially if you have Start/Stop or BCM module on your car. You can read more about it here, as well as add a larger sized battery:

Even though I don’t have those features I ended up making the coding changes anyways since I was changing from a regular to AGM battery. Not sure if it makes a difference since the car can’t detect features about the battery since I don’t have BCM but figured it can’t hurt. Lots of people have just changed the battery without doing this coding if you don’t have BCM or Stop/Start without issue.

When you disconnect the battery and attach the new one your car will come back with all sorts of errors and lights on your dash. This is expected since it lost power, so don’t be worried. Turn the steering wheel all the way left then all the way right while in park and it should clear the errors and lights. If that doesn’t work others have said driving around for a few miles fixes it. I didn’t need to do that though the wheel turning worked just fine for me.

Update: This battery didn’t turn out so great and don’t suggest picking it up. CCA dropped drastically at year one and constantly needed trickle charges but always meet the “requirements” to pass each time I brought it in.