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New brakes for the Tiguan

When we were getting a sunroof seal replaced under warranty at the dealership they let us know the rear brakes were very low. Their quote was obviously laughable and told them I would get it replaced somewhere else.

I did some searching and requested quotes from a few places. Ended up purchasing this kit from It was reasonably priced and was either OE or equivalent to OEM parts.

2Disc Brake RotorZIM-600324320
2Disc Brake RotorZIM-600325220
4Disc Brake Rotor Set ScrewVAG-N10648301
1Brake Pad SetTEX-2473806
1Brake Pad SetTEX-2500901
1Brake Anti-Squeal PasteTEX-81000400
1Brake Pad Wear SensorBOW-A098206

An interesting thing I noticed is the brakes in the front are the same size rotors as my GTI at 340mm, but the rear is 300mm whereas my GTI has 310. 10mm doesn’t seem like that much of a difference. You would think VAG would have just made it the same and saved on bulk ordering.

Scheduled an appointment at BlueWater Performance to get them installed. Install went without issue and cars brakes feel much better now.

Update 07/13/22: The Textar pads I went with are a bit loose-fitting compared to the OEM pads and have a little play. This causes some minor clunking noises over potholes and abrupt bumps. They function great but it’s worth noting.