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Enabled Hot Country option for air conditioner

If your A/C seems not as cold as you think it should and its fully charge you might want to check your settings with either VCDS or ODB11 to see if Hot Country is enabled. Some cars it seems to be enabled while others are not. Enabling it made a big difference in how cold my AC was. I will be describing how to do it with VCDS.

  • In VCDS select number 08 – Auto HVAC
  • select Coding – 07
  • Click “Long Coding Helper”
  • Type in “12” next to Byte
  • From the drop down next to “Bit 4-7” select “10 Temperature Adjustment: Cold (Hot Countires)”
  • Click Exit
  • Press “Do It”

If coding is accepted you should now get colder air. From reading what others have posted this increases the duty cycle of your AC unit.