New exhaust installed on the Beetle

Picked up this exhaust from JBugs as well as the tailpipes and clamps kit. Quality on it seems pretty good compared to some others I have seen in videos. Glad it comes with all the hardware like new gaskets, bolts and clamps so I dont have to worry about reusing the old ones. Glad I ordered the tailpipe kit as it looks pretty good!

Removal was easier than expected. I had one small issue were a stud came out with the bolt, but it came out clean so no worries. I was shocked that I didn’t have to use anything to release the bolts.

Install was a little annoying with putting the stud back in due to clearance but I got it. Also had a use a jack and crow bar to get leverage for some holes to line up. Again went better than I expected.

Sound is definitely quieter which is one thing i was going after. It also looks great with the tips, very happy with how this turned out.