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Roof rack added to the Beetle

Other than replacing the trim pieces that were originally on the Beetle this is the one aesthetic thing I wanted to add. Have roof racks on most of my cars and find them extremely useful. On this car I don’t think I will be using it much but I do LOVE the look of it with its wood panel slats. I wasn’t planning on adding this to the car so soon but found it on clearance and had to pick it up.

It takes a while to build due to all the slats needing to be attached. The tension between all the rods can sometimes be tricky getting them all lined up correctly. Once done though install is very quick, just two clamps that go under the door jamb and wing nuts to tighten it down. I did have to release tension of the legs that make contact with the body as I tightened it down on all corners. The legs have clear plastic tubes on them to stop it from scratching the car.