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Speaker upgrade and first highway trip for Hodgepodge

We got some rear speakers installed today. I purchased some 6×9 Kicker CS speakers for the rear deck behind the seat. The rear deck had 6″ round holes so we had to modify it for the 6×9’s. The wiring going to the rear had some pretty tight areas like the channel between the frunk and interior was already pretty full of cables as well as the fresh air tunnel but with some fishing we were able to get them through. It all turned out pretty clean and happy with the work we did. Can hear music and such so much better over the engine and wind now.

We also took Hodgepodge on the highway for the first time. I drove for about 20 min each way about 65-70mph without any issues. That taller 4th gear I had installed when the trans was rebuilt was totally worth it. Engine deck lid handle was lukewarm when we eventually stopped, seems like the engine was getting cooled perfectly. Didnt seem to have any vapor lock issues when we stopped and started the engine. Very pleased and now its ready for longer trip!