The Vagcom is coming!

So I broke down and ordered a true Vagcom, since the new car now requires CAN for certain things I figured its time to replace the ebay cable and move away from version 409. I hopefully will be getting it later this week and already have some plans for it.

  1.  Remove that damned seatbelt chime! Dont get me wrong, I always wear my seatbelt but I dont always but it on before I start the car and neither do my passengers.  Its just plain annoying and needs to go.
  2. Turn off daytime running lights – I know when I need to turn off and on my lights I dont need them on during the day when its sunny lessening the life of the bulbs.
  3. Window function from the keyfob – Did this too the A4. Opening the windows before you get into the car in a hot parking lot is very nice.

I know some of my friends will also be looking for me to do some of these to their cars also.