Ordered Maintenance supplies

I ordered a bunch of maintenance supplies today that will hopefully arrive before Sunday so I can do an oil chance. Im sure one was done by the dealer just before they handed it over to me but who knows what junk they may of put in.

From ECSTuning I ordered the following:

  1. Oil Filter Drain Tool – This nifty tool should help with not getting oil all over the side of the engine unlike when I did them on my 1.8t
  2. ECS Magnetic Drain Plug – Had one on the 1.8t and always was picking up small filings of metal.
  3. 5 pack of oil filters

I also ordered the following from Ross Tech:

  1. HEX-USB+CAN Vagcom – I had the cheap ebay one with the registered software for my A4 but now these new cars have CAN and it will not cut it anymore. Im sure my other VW and Audi buddies will be glad to see this too.
  2. Bentley DVD Manual MKV 05.5-07 -Had one of these also for the A4 and I used it all the time. Im not a car mechanic by trade so this thing helps a lot.