Two Flat tires

Miles: 81740

Over the course of two weeks I have had the same tire go flat on me. The tread is going and the tires themselves have some odd bubble tread wear. If  would have to replace two tires due to how much tread ware has already happened and now that im in San Jose and I see tire places near me, I think its time for summer tires.

I was thinking of Kumho SPTs but every place locally doesn’t have them in stock. Something about manufactures not having them available to ship. So instead I am going to do Yokohama S.Drives from a local place. I am told they will price match which is $20 less a tire. Between summer tires being cheaper and giving more performance as well as my geographical location I figured a summer tire that does well in rain should be what I go for.

So until I get all this done I am running on the spare tire. Going to try and use the girlfriends car as much as possible until next week when Christmas is over and the shops are open again.