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034 MQB Dogbone Mount Insert

For information on the product here is a link.

What this is, is an attachment that stiffens the transmission mount. It actually doesn’t replace the current mount only adds to it. The mount is the same for both DSG and Manual but in 2016 there was a change in the mount design and there are two versions. My car was an early 2016 so I am using version 1 of the 034 mount. What this mount does is reduce the movement of the trans, a video on they made shows exactly how it does this. As you can see it significantly helps.

Install is simple yet could be problematic if you are not careful. Its just taking out the easily accessed bolt and putting on the mount and torquing down the bolt again. What you need to make sure of is that the trans itself doesn’t shift during this process or you will have a hard time getting it back on. Its best to do the install on a level surface due to this. Dont just jack up one side of the car. Instructions for install can be found here on their website.

Initial feelings:

After install I noticed a bit more vibrations, which are totally expected. Specifically I notice them during acceleration. Its not a lot of vibration but definitely noticeable. Shifting though is amazing now, everything is so crisp. Since I have a DSG I also noticed that when in Sport downshifting from 2 to 1 does not have that nasty harsh clunk feeling it did before.

It is absolutely well worth the money and from what I hear it should get less harsh after a few thousand miles. So I will updated again in about 5k miles. I highly recommended the 034 dogbone mount even for daily drivers.


Update: I now have about 2k miles with the mount. At about 500 miles I started getting a little less vibration than when first installed. Its not much but less but noticeable. Still works great and have been very happy with it. Highly suggested.