DSG shift points change when over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

We had few really warm days over here this past week and on one hot day (110 Fahrenheit) in particular I noticed my car was shifting like it was in S Sport mode even though it was in D Drive. This concerned me at first and my driving was pretty tame, at first I thought it was stuck in S even though it clearly stated D in on my screen. 

Some quick research brought me to this link here:


Specifically this piece of information was the important part:

“I received word from Volkswagen what they told me is the condition is normal. They called it a “Temperature based performance driving profile”. When outside temp outside at or about 100 degrees the vehicle is programmed to keep the performance up and changes shifting patterns. That’s all I have at this time.”

Ah! Well that makes more sense and im glad to see it wasn’t an actual issue and working as designed.