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Installed: Burger Motorsports turbo muffler delete

Miles: 41543

Installed the Burger Motorsports Turbo Muffler Delete today. The install itself is straight forward but its annoying to do. Its a tight space to work in and some of the bolts are well concealed.

The directions on their site are good and I suggest you use and follow them. A tip I will give is to let the engine cool down for many hours before even attempting this. This is the turbo you are dealing with and there are tons of hot pieces all around it. A cool engine will save your hands and arms from being burnt and make things easier. 

Some have said its easier to get it on a lift to get at the lower bolts on the muffler delete but I think its unnecessary and was able to get it from the top with some contorting and being careful not to drop anything. Though I did drop an allen key and it went straight to the ground, I was glad it did and did not have to take off the pan.

The piece itself seems to be made well and fit good. There are many manufactures who make a muffler delete, only one of them has any claims of being better than the rest due to adjust-ability and thats APR. Im skeptical of this and think it will wiggle loose over time and cause even more of a gap than any of these other static ones would cause. They do provide loctite but that stuff only goes so far when its on a vibrating hot turbo. I went with the Burger Motorsport one due to price and minuscule branding they put on it.

Though I have to admit I have not really felt or heard any of its benefits. The butt dyno barely detect increases in throttle and with the windows down I have not heard anything more audible. It might have a little more induction sound but its hard to tell and I keep doubting if I am hearing more or not or if its just placebo effect.

In the end I would give the part (from any manufacture) a pass since it doesn’t seem to do much and is a bit of a pain to install. The quality/price of this part is good and Burger did a fine job on it, its the function im not seeing the benefit in.

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