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Dash storage box for Tiguan

I actually did this mod years ago when we first got the Tiguan but forgot to post about it. This is easily my favorite change we have done to the Tiguan. It replaces the recessed rubber place in the center dash with a box with closable lid. The dash recess I thought was useless because things would slide out of it under heavy breaking and anything in it was visible to people walking by. Also due to the sunroof controls they opted not to have a good location for sunglasses. This solves these issue by offering a closed to place put things that’s easily accessible by the driver.

I picked it up from Aliexpress here. As with most things from Aliexpress it took a while to arrive. Install is very simple, just use some dash tools to pry up the old recessed piece and then put in the new dash box. The Aliexpress listing has all the info on install so I wont go into details here but its so easy and anyone could do it.

We currently use it for a few pairs of sunglasses and such. If you have a MK2 Tiguan, I highly suggest this upgrade.