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Trunk, glove box and rear tail light LEDs from Deautokey

Won these in a giveaway on the forums. I received the following.

  1. Trunk LED Bulb
  2. Glove box LED

I have been wanted the trunk light for a while now. The stock one is just too dim and with my early morning, mountain biking trips it’s hard to see all my equipment.

Also picked up the rear tail lights LED’s with a 25% coupon they provided with the giveaway.

Install on these are very simple and direct replacements. Watch the videos on their site for installation, it’s easy and almost toolless. A flat head is handy for getting the housing unclipped and such but that’s about it.

Here is the rear with the LEDs installed. Hard to capture in a picture but they are as bight normally as the original incandescent was when the brake was applied.
Here is the trunk LED working, the original incandescent bulb did next to nothing, now I have lots of light to work with