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Rear Mud Flaps

Miles: 104k

To try and curb the collection of dirt on the car I picked up the OEM rear mudguards. I prefer the subtle look of the OEM ones vs the flimsy flaps you can get the third party. There are different part numbers between the MK7 and MK7.5 as well as Golf and the GTI so make sure you get the correct ones.

As of the writing of this here are the part numbers for each:


  • Rear: 5GV-075-105
  • Front: 5GV-075-116


  • Rear: 5GV-075-105-A
  • Front: 5GV-075-116

Golf MK7

  • Rear: 5G0-075-101
  • Front: 5G0-075-111

Golf MK7.5

  • Rear: 5G0-075-101-C
  • Front: 5G0-075-111

Here is what the rear looked like before:

And here is what it looks like after installation of the mud flaps:

Install is pretty easy and they come with Ikea-like instructions. You end up reusing two screws from the fender liner as well as punching two more holes in the fender liner for two additional screws/nuts. For a fifth plug, you drill the underside of the rear bumper valance and put the plug in the hole you made to support the mudguard better. This is all detailed well in the instructions so I won’t go into an explanation.

At some point I will end up doing the fronts, just don’t have the money for that currently.