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Broke one of the coil ground wires

The idiot I am, I broke a ground eyelet on one of the coil pack ground wires. This ground eyelet attaches to the bolt post of the coil pack and is sandwiched between two nuts. When trying to loosen the top nut to release the ground eyelet the whole bolt can rotate causing the eyelet to tear off. It’s best to support the lower nut while removing the upper nut to prevent this from happening. I was lazy and didn’t support the lower nut and get what I deserve.

As a temporary fix, while I wait for the EQT Coil Grounding Pro kit, I removed the broken eyelet, trimmed the cable, and crimped on a new eyelet. Kits with eyelets and crimping tools are readily available at most hardware/automotive stores. To make things easier I suggest getting a de-pinning kit to remove the cable from the coil connector for ease of stripping the protective hard plastic sleeve, stripping the cable, and crimping on a new connector.

The depinning kit’s cost varies depending on quality. I went for a very cheap one as I don’t plan on doing a lot of de-pinning. Releasing the cover on the coil connector is annoying, there is a tab on either side you need to release to get at the back of the connector. I pried the tabs open with a flathead and popped each side out. For the coil connector contacts, I used the middle depinning key in the left picture below.

You don’t need to take all the contacts out of the connector as I did in the right picture above, you can just do the far right one which is the ground cable. Move the purple connector inside the coil connector over one notch, this partially releases the pins inside. You will want to place the key in the front of the connector, vertically where the depinning tools projecting prongs are above and below the contacts inside. The goal is to repress the two tabs on the top and bottom of the contacts and pull the cable out of the back of the adapter. I used a razor to cut off the hard plastic protecting the connector to the wire connection. Snipped off the connector and stripped the wire down just enough to put the new eyelet on. Crimped it down with a crimping tool nice and good.

After that, it was just reversing everything to put it back on. The moral of this story is don’t get lazy, use a wrench to support the lower nut.