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Moog rear endlink broke, back to stock links we go

Miles: 118k

I was driving to get some dinner and heard something from the rear of my car. Sounded like a very metallic clunk but reverberated through the frame. After getting back home I put a jack under to check that the coilovers were tight and swaybar was still attached. Both checked out fine. Since I don’t have a place to work on my car and recently moved to a new area it was time to find a new local shop that had a decent reputation. The issue was super easy to reproduce, just drive the car on any non-flat surface or take a turn and you would hear it.

The local shop that was recommended to me pointed at the Moog endlinks and recommended either 034 Spherical or back to OEM. I personally am not a fan of spherical endlinks on daily driven street cars. Spherical links always end up making noise as debris gets in the exposed links, especially in conditions with snow/sand/salt where I now live. So back to OEM I went and sure enough that resolved the issue.

The Moogs had about 23k miles on them and were maintained with grease using the zerk fittings on them with each oil change. Sadly even with that excessive maintenance they still didn’t last as long as I would of hoped. The failure was a snapped internal joint on driver side swaybar link where it just flopped around in the joint.