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Title transferred and temp plates acquired for the beetle

Finally after many months of getting everything squared away we were able to get the title signed over to me and make a bill of sale for the beetle. The next day after I got out of work, I went over to the county DMV to the title transferred as well as license plates.

This was easily the shortest DMV trip I have ever made. I walked in, they asked about what I was here for and checked my paperwork. They gave me a ticket and I looked up at the current ticket number being served and it was the number before mine. I waited a total of 2 minutes before being called. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Title transfer went off without a hitch, I had everything I needed and they will be mailing it to me. To get plates, CO required I already have insurance for the vehicle which I already got through Hagarty instead of my normal insurance company due to pricing. The plates I was originally wanting to do the black background with white lettering plate they recently released but I would have to get the car emissions tested on regular intervals if I did that. Not that I was worried about passing 1968 emission standards, its just a hassle. I was then talked into the collectors plates which don’t require emissions testing BUT are limited to 4500miles per year. Which should be perfectly fine as this isn’t my main daily driver so I don’t see myself getting even close to that.

Here we are! Legal to drive on the road and officially mine, now to get that fuel pump replaced so I can actually drive it.