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New battery for the GTI

Miles: 128564

Had not driven the GTI in about a weeks time due to the holidays and such. Found the battery to be pretty much drained. Likely suspect is the dashcam that is supposed to turn off with the car but sometimes stays on.

I pulled the battery and put it on my trickle charger but no luck. It wouldn’t take a charge and I assume I needed more than a trickle charger to get it going again. So off to autozone where the battery was purchased to see if they can hook it up and get a charge going. They ended up just adding it to a basic jump pack and read the voltage as 6v and called it dead. Since it was such a new battery they replaced it on the spot no charge with the same version.

GTI is now happy again with its new battery. I need to figure out what im going to do with this dash cam situation if I need to spend money on a new adapter or new cam all together.