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Rebuilt carburetor and fuel pumps

Recently I rebuilt the Solex 30 Pict2 carburetor and few older fuel pumps

The Solex 30 Pict2 rebuild went well and as expected. I did a bunch of research on the forums and youtube and found this to be one of the better guides on how to rebuild this type of carb. He has some other great content to so worth looking through the rest of his stuff. The rebuild kit I purchased is the Empi one that works for the 28-PICT, 30/31-PICT, and 34-PICT3 models. So it will have some extra parts that are for the other models of carbs. For example the main gasket seals you will only be using one of them. I dunked the parts in Purple Power degreaser and let them sit in it while rebuilding. Between this a little elbow grease it cleaned everything up nicely.

Next up I rebuilt some fuel pumps I picked up off of Facebook marketplace. I picked up three since I didn’t know much about them and figured at least one was going to be rebuildable. Two of the pumps were 4 bolt tops a Pierburg and a Brosol, another was a round top with 1 bolt. I contacted Wolfsburgwest to see about which kits I would need and got the following information.

Pierburg/Brosol with Square 4 screw top – 111198555 (1300-1600)

Pierburg with Round 1 screw top – 111198553 (40hp)

Just like with the carb I did research and found this video to be the best rebuild instructions Its technically for the round top but its basically the same procedure works for the 4 bolt square top. My rebuilds went as expected and with a bit of elbow grease they turned out fantastic.

You can see how well they cleaned up with degreaser and elbow grease. The diaphragms inside were very hard and brittle, they likely wouldn’t have worked if I tried to run them. So im very glad I decided to get rebuild kits for them.