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Bumpers, body molding pieces and bulbs

I have been holding onto these bumpers for a while and finally got them installed. Install went very well, all bolt hole threads were solid and didn’t have any issues securing the brackets. Frame was even so bumpers are sitting well too! Very pleased with how they turned out. The bumpers themselves are fine for the money. They are the JBugs ones here. They chrome and metal seem fine but the bumper strip is just electrical tape. I assume they intend you to purchase the rubber strips they sell separately. Not sure if I will opt for them or not.

I picked up from Wolfsburgwest a bunch of body molding, emblems, clips and gauge bulbs. Hodgepodge was missing all the shiny trim pieces so its nice to finally get those on. The gauge cluster also had a bulb burnt out so got that replaced and it looks awesome!

All turned out well and really helped with the look of the vehicle. Its looking a lot more presentable now.