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Hodgepodge taillight wiring fixes

My buddy and I went through and worked on some wiring issues today.

  1. The rear taillights didn’t show when braking
  2. The rear taillights didn’t show when being put in reverse

The braking was pretty easy once we figured it out after a lot of testing and wire tracing. The connection at the master cylinder needed to be cleaned up and tightened. Very simple and worked great.

As for the reverse lights this was a bit more work and tracing needed. There were two wires missing. First was between the transmission switch and wire penetrating the firewall and another between that wire and the positive coil. Once that was done the reverse switch worked great!

These two were the last safety items I needed fixed before I left comfortable driving it longer distances.

Another fun thing, it was little below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. We started the engine and without and fiddling with the throttle it started right up. Amazing how well this engine is running now.