Rear and front PCV replacement

Mileage: 62,952

Date: 05/11/2008

Parts Involved: Front PCV(” E” Version), Gasket for front valve, Upgraded valve cover breather tube with internal check valve

Work Done: I replaced the front and rear PCV’s on the car today. There were signs that it was breaking due to poor gas milage, 2psi boot lost, and my oil consumption was much higher than before (2quarts ever 5k miles).

They both really easy to replace just make sure that the turbo is cooled down before replacing the rear PCV because the lower end is extremely close to it.

Also be careful you get the correct one if you only want to replace the front PCV and not the rear. There are two version history’s and if you mix them your car will not work and can potentially cause damage. I got mine in a kit version from so this took the guess work out of it. This page here has a lot of information on it:

After replacing my boost and MPG are back to normal and we will see how my oil consumption soon.

Time Spent: 0:45