Replaced spark plugs, resolved flashing check engine light

When driving to visit a friend I got a flashing check engine light. While trying to get off the highway I found that going very easy on the car didnt cause the light to flash. I took advantage of this to get the car home and hook up the vagcom to pull the info. I found the following:

004949 – Cylinder 1 Ignition Circuit: Open Circuit
P1355 – 004 – No Signal/Communication – Intermittent – MIL ON

000768 – Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
P0300 – 001 – Upper Limit Exceeded – Intermittent – MIL ON

000769 – Cylinder 1: Misfire Detected
P0301 – 001 – Upper Limit Exceeded – Intermittent – MIL ON

Thanks to friends advice and my vagcom I was able to diagnose the issue properly and quickly as being the spark plug in cylinder 1. It was either than or coil so I tried both switching coil packs around and replacing my spark plugs. I just happened to have another set of sparkplugs on hard which was handy.

Time Spent: 45 minutes