Second Kuat Trio roof rack

Miles: 5703

I recently picked up a new mountain bike and found that its front fork didnt fit my current Kuat Trio roof rail sleeve due to the fork being 110mm width instead of standard 100mm. I have other bikes that use the 100mm either 9mm QR or 15mm Thu Axle still so the solution was to purchase another Kuat trio rail and have one be 100mm and the other 110mm. Or I could just switch out the 100mm sleeve for the 110mm one each time I switch to the new bike. It really wouldn’t take more than 2 minutes but I have wanted a second rail for a while now and this is the justification.

The Kuat Trio comes with the support for the following fork sizes: QR 9mm, 15mm Thu Axle, and 20mm Thu Axle. The new 110 fork I got is refereed to as Boost and its still a 15mm but 110 wide. I just ordered another sleeve separately off their site to support this fork. The beauty of this rail is it can support just about anything as long as Kuat keeps making adapters for their rail as new standards come out. If you are looking for a fork mount roof method for your bike, I highly suggest this rail. Its also one of the most aerodynamic roof methods out there.

You can read more about the Kuat Trio here:

I will get a picture uploaded once I have some time.