80k Miles in review

The 2016 GTI SE Performance Pack hit 80k miles today when driving home from work.

Looking back, this has been the most reliable car I have owned. It only had the following issues from new when I purchased it to now at 80k miles:

Thats it other than normal wear items. The mod list is way longer

  • LED license plate bulbs. 4k
  • K&N oiled panel filter. 10k
  • Cobb AccessPort – STG 1, 91 OTS. 26k
  • RS7 Spark Plugs. 28.5k
  • Freektune custom e-tune 91oct. 32k 
  • Burger Motorsports Turbo Muffler Delete. 41k
  • Revo Turbo inlet pipe. 46k
  • Autodimming homelink rearview mirror. 51k
  • RS3 Coil Packs. 58k
  • ECSTuning hatch pop kit. 61k
  • Turbosmart Kompact EM Plumb Back Diverter Valve. 64k
  • Cobb DSG tune, sport. 68k
  • RS7 Spark Plugs again. 70k
  • Dynamic side mirror blinkers 72k
  • EQT custom dyno tune 91oct. 73k
  • EQT custom DSG tune. 73k
  • StopTech front/rear rotors/pads. 89k

Even though that list looks long in reality I have not changed too much about the car. Bolt-ons are minimal and its mostly software a tires that are driving the performance of the car. Exhaust, turbo, suspension and airbox of the intake have not been changed an are still stock. Still though the EQT tune was able to pull off 310whp and 390wtq, the torque especially makes this a reasonably priced car thats a blast to drive in the curvy roads in the hills where I live.

This does not mean the car is cheap to run. It needs 91oct for the tune, as well as synthetic oil changes. I do 5k oil changes to keep up with the extra work its doing. Normal DSG, brake changes are cheap but I keep up with each and every scheduled maintenance. It also goes through tires rather quickly due to the torque and commute I have.

Still at 80k I don’t burn any measurable amount of oil, the engine seems to be sealed and working very well still. I do smell some antifreeze which indicates the water pump/oil filter housing might fail. This is a common issue on this engine but so far has held up well for me. My turbo is the original, part number 06K-145-722-G and holding up very well even with the aggressive torque of the tune.

If I had to do over again I wouldn’t of bothered with the diverter valve, turbo muffler delete or hatch pop kit. They either did do anything for the car or didn’t add enough to make them worth while.

What I would absolutely do again and recommend would be my tire choices, as well as the Cobb AP and EQT ECU/DSG tune. These things in particular is what made the biggest difference and brought the car to a new level. And although im not normally a visual style person I really like the dynamic blinkers, they are just too cool.

As you would expect I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the MK7 GTI and impressed with it. Im piling on the miles quickly and its holding up well. Heres to another 80k miles of ownership and many more years of fun.