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Hodgepodge – Rear wheel spacers and bolts

The font of Hodgepodge already came with an EMPI adjustable beam and front disc brake with 2.5″ drop spindles which looked great. The rear though was missing something. Instead of lowering it I think widening the back would do it some good. Im pretty fond of the Lemmerz (1511) Marathon wheels so thought spacers might do the trick. There wasnt too many options out there for the 4×130 bolt pattern but did find a 15mm set on amazon that looked like they would work well.

Now im sure the stock bolts would not have been long enough to safely use these spacers. I picked up these 14×1.5 28mm bolts that are a bit longer and would make up for the shortcomings of the others.

Everything went as expected and looks great! Im very happy with how it turned out.