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Hodgepodge – Axle seal, OE fuel pump and new cooler

Got some great work done on the Hodgepodge the beetle today. First thing that we tackled was the passenger side axle seal. It had a small leak that caused the drum brake on that side to squeak. I already had a Wolfsburgwest axle seal kit from the last time I did the other side and its been holding well. Once we pulled it all apart we saw the issue which was the main seal was crimped and not sealing 100%. We used the same trick as the other side by putting the bushing in the seal before sliding it on the spindle. So far it looks like its sealed well. We also topped up the trans fluid since it some had leaked out through the seal.

Next up was the fuel pump. I had rebuilt this pump a few months back and just now got around to installing it. I had to loosen the alternator to get the pump on but it did fit! I also took the time to move the fuel filter further away from all the hot items which was off to the left side of the engine close to the hard fuel line. After correcting the fuel line orientation on the pump everything worked great.

Last but very not least but buddy game me an amazing classic 7up cooler that had a fantastic patina on it. While I was working on the fuel pump they were sanding prepping and sealing the cooler to lock in the look and protect it. Picked up two large belts and secured it to the roof rack. So pleased with how it turned out.